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September 26, 2008

Soapkills 10 years !!!!

Hello dear fans ,

just to tell u about our seperate projects Yasmine and i those few days ,

Yasmine is preparing the release of an album produced by Mirwais , the name of the project is Y.A.S , u can check it out on this myspace : , the release is expected this year

I (Zeid) have released a new cd with the new government in June ( my pock rock band) and i am about to release a cd with Kandia Kouyate ( an artist from guinee) , u can check on my music on this myspace: or on

we were hoping to have a soapkills best off released but after several proposition by producers none were really convincing , maybe we ll release one on our own but it s a lot of work .

we ll let u know ...