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September 30, 2006

Download and pass it to your friends!!!

great song ...

September 26, 2006

I m in Melbourne !

attending the Red Bull Music Academy ...

September 21, 2006

soapkills last meeting

Everything is alright! Thanks to u people,the band is still alive , we are all working separatly though on our personal projects , we ll maybe unite again one day if u insist ...
By the way , thanks for downloading the latest album , we have almost gathered 400 $ to help Lebanese refugees victim of this summer war !

September 13, 2006

a piece of guinee

Watch the video

heba didn t come due to visa problems, but i met Kanjia a wonderfull musicien with who i set up i little repertoire ...

Guinea is truly beautifull ...

September 12, 2006

Guinea Conakry

i m going for a workshop and work with Hiba al mansouri , she s a very curious singer with a very touching voice .

September 09, 2006

Danish piece of trip...