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December 30, 2005

Paypal has restricted our account !!!

We have to stop selling our music for the moment online , Paypal must think we are some kind of terrorist , with no valuable reason they say our account presents some risks and restricted it !!!

until it is solved i propose to our dear fans a free download of any album , just to keep u waiting , we are really sorry for this inconveniance !

December 09, 2005

Tunisia , concert @ "el teatro"

special thanks to Rabih Mroue !
Thanks to YATF too for inviting us , check the website .
click on the link ,up in pink ,to see some pictures from the concert

December 03, 2005

encore au Congo avec KONONO numero 1...

en compagnie de deux danceuses du tres celebre groupe KONONO numero1 INTERNATIONAL (Kram disques)