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March 28, 2006


Hello dear fans , Francois (on the pic) and I (Zeid ) are going to continue our work , as a new band called "Saboon" , we ll be collaborating with various artists may it be singers (male or female ) or arabic hip hopers or any nice artist willing to taste some of our heavy arabic electro flavoured beats , very soon some videos ans fresh sounds of the new projects

March 22, 2006

Cheftack available in Australia !

U can find the Cheftack album in the music store called "SO MUSIC" in Newtown !
Many thanks to Patrick Abboud ...

March 13, 2006

The end of soapkills...

YASMINE is going solo .
in the mean time we ll try to keep u updated dear fans on this particular style of music we are developing thru our personal projects , we ll share our experiance with u thru this website and give u some news from time to time even if the Band is no more...

March 12, 2006

Winner of the euromedcafe contest 2006 !

Watch the video
The EuroMedCafe first international song contest Jury (made up Stéphane Salkin, Henri Greindl, Goéric Timmermans and Saïd Mourad), has awarded the following song, during the selection process held in Brussels on 27 February 2006:

1. Enta Fen Group: Soapkills. Composition: Yasmine Hamdan, Arrangements: Soapkills (Lebanon)

listen to the song by pushing on "watch the video"
this track is available on "a perfect day" original soundtrack released in France and Lebanon.(see previous posts)

March 11, 2006

our Blog is a VLOG(video blog) finally !!!!!!!

watch the first upload (post of febuary 2006) more to come !!!

March 10, 2006

another Yasmine Hamdan !

March 05, 2006

A perfect Day

Check this link , a new lebanese movie by Khalil and joanna Joreige with a soundtrack featuring SOAPKILLS and Scrambled Eggs(produced by Mooz records )
U can buy it everywhere in France and assemble two tracks of the long to come new album of SOAPKILLS !!!